Doubt has a terrible voice and just really shouldn’t sing. 


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The meritless lawsuit brought against us by Microcosm Publishing is going to trial next month and we need your help! 
The trial is happening in Portland and we are desperately trying to get funds together to get our family and our lawyer out to Oregon so we can defend ourselves in court. (To give you an indication of how dire our situation is, we received a “final notice” from the IRS today warning us that they are going to levy our assets because we haven’t been able to pay our quarterly taxes.) 
As we’ve said before, we aren’t looking for donations, but if we’ve got a book or zine you’ve been eyeing, we could really use your support right now. To sweeten the deal for you, we’re doing CONTEST MANIA for the rest of the month. 
Everyone who orders from Pioneers Press this month will get entered into a drawing to win one of four $40 Pioneers Press shopping sprees! We’ll announce one winner every Sunday afternoon. 
AND if you reblog this here plea, we’ll enter you into a contest to win our new titles including Big Diamond, Simple Steps to a Life Less Shitty, and the Good Luck Not Dying book!
We’re kind of freaking out right now about getting through the next two months (both financially and emotionally). We didn’t start this fight, but we’re damn sure gonna see it through to the end. Any help, hugs, signal boosts, etc would be much appreciated. We definitely can’t do this alone.
Huge thanks for your ongoing support! 
xoxo, Jessie Duke and Pioneers Press

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Issue Seven of Ink & Arrows Magazine is OUT NOW! It features interviews from, our cover artist, Nikita Kaun, Jared Tuttle, Kim Wells, Elliot Phillips, Ophelia Mercedes & many more!
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Check out the latest issue of Ink & Arrows Magazine, featuring work and words by the ever-humbled Me and a ton of other rad artists!

I guess someone thought it was a good idea to interview me????

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Press is done! Fully refurbished 10x15 1950 C&P.
Free of rust, dust, ash, ink, oil and grease build-up. New rollers. New runners. New tympan bale. Expansion trucks. Working motor. Freshly oiled and greased. AWWW YEAHHH.

Looks Great!

Firecracker press <3

Thanks, Adam!
And yes, Firecracker Press is indeed a lovely place.
(Also: pst, followers. I finished a thing! )

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like night and day. continuing press restoration on a 10x15 C&P. (“presstoration,” if you will)

This is my summer.

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